ERROR 3036 AI Worker

ERROR 3036: you have used up your daily free allocation of 10,000 neurons, please upgrade to Cloudflare's Workers Paid plan if you would like to continue usage.

Im getting this error, in the dashboard the Requests count has be reseted to 0. i tried using a beta model but the same error is popping up.

Good day,

Our free allocation allows anyone to use a total of 10,000 Neurons per day at no charge on our non-beta models. You can still enjoy unlimited usage on the beta models in the catalog until they graduate out of beta.

To use more than 10,000 Neurons per day for non-beta models, you need to sign up for the Workers Paid plan. On Workers Paid, you will be charged at $0.011 / 1,000 Neurons for any usage above the free allocation of 10,000 Neurons per day for the non-beta models.

Kindly review this document :

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