Error 3015: Unable to create HTTPS connection

  1. My Website :
  2. I already have Comodo SSL installed on my Namecheap Server.
  3. And In SSL/TLS Tab I have enabled " Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict)" option.
  4. And I am getting this errorwhile accessing my website "Error 3015: Unable to create HTTPS connection ".
  5. Currently I have paused Cloudflare on my site as its going down as soon as enable it.
  6. Kindly help me solve this issue.

Just loaded it via Cloudflare and it loaded fine


Can you unpause it?

Just Unpaused It…

Working for me.

Still loads fine. It doesnt on your end? If not, can you post a screenshot?

I somewhat believe this wouldnt be a Cloudflare error to begin with, but rather an error directly from your server.

Its working for me…but not from some parts of world…

And as soon I pause cloudflare…its all green

These are most likely issues with that service, not your site.

Again, post a screenshot of the error you referred to.

That is again not the error you referred to.

Are you referring to Error 3015 sir ?..the report I am generating from website that check ping site from different location provide me this error in report…

Website is working fine from my LOCATION : India

Of course I am referring to that error. So that error does not appear when you open your site nor are you unable to open your site?

Yes… I am not getting this error and I am able to access my site perfectly fine.
But when I check my webiste from those kind of website site availablity checker…they show the website is Down and provide my that SSL error…

Well, showed for one location an SSL error as well.

For starters, which minimum SSL version have you set on Cloudflare?

Good idea. It looks like 1.3 only.

Can you please let me know what you wanna ask ? I am not from tech background …

Check under your TLS settings the minimum version. If it is 1.3, lower it to 1.2.

Just changed it to 1.2

Now wait 15 minutes and then check again.

Sure…Now suppose If the same error still persist Can I respond to this thread only …or do I need to create new topic again ?