Error 301 on dns and http proxy


Hi I set up certbot for let’s encrypt CA on my web server. I picked cloudflare as dns and installed the plugin. everything looks fine when I choose dns only in the control panel. but when I select both http proxy and dns I receive 301 moved permanently as a result of too many redirects and loops.
I receive “The page isn’t redirecting properly” on firefox" and This page isn’t working redirected you too many times." on chrome.

the web address is “”, as I new it up & running I just kept dns but I’m still keen on using http proxy as well.

Any idea how can I have them together? or what causes this loop of redirection and how to address this issue?



What is your SSL mode set to in the crypto tab of your Cloudflare dashboard? In your circumstances, looks like it should be set to Full (strict).

Flexible could cause this loop if it is set to that.

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That is right it was flexible, issue is fixed by this change.

Thank you.

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