Error 1292 while switching to Business plan! No response for 2 days!

For security reasons, there is a problem with your billing profile. Contact [email protected] for assistance. (Code: 1292)

Hi, I get this message every time I try to switch to “Business” plan, or even when I try to update or change or delete my payment details. I submitted a ticket #2288588 but got no response for whole 2 days. Please help me

Let me ping @Laurie so that she can take a look into your issue.


I updated one of our team members to reply to you as soon as they are able, please note that tickets are replied to in the order received as well as by plan level.

Hi @Laurie and thank you. I’m looking forward for they reply. I understand that tickets are processed in order of a plan level. The problem is I would be happy to switch to a higher plan, but I can’t :slight_smile: Thank you again

Problem solved. They have unlocked my account back.

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