Error 1292 in the billing panel

Support ticket #2276836

I wanted to add my new bank card (the old has long been blocked) to the account for connecting the necessary services, but faced with this error #1292.

Probably the problem could be due to the fact that I constantly use VPN to use the Internet (in Russia it is impossible :D).
I tried and without VPN and from different computers - I understand that the entire account has been frozen.

We have a timing and urgently need to connect services. Solving problems fell on the weekend, we can’t wait 2 days… It is terrible… :frowning:

@Laurie sometimes checks in on the weekends, but you’ll most likely have to wait 24 hours from right now, which is when the Billing department gets in.

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I am waiting for what to do :slight_smile: It is very strange that such a huge service as Cloudflare does not have a working round-the-clock support, especially in the department working with the company’s money.

There is for customers on the Enterprise plan. I don’t think billing is staffed 24/7, but I’m sure Cloudflare could call someone in if absolutely necessary :slightly_smiling_face:


The problem was solved thanks

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