Error 1206 when changing Stream subscription

Hi, I had a problem subscribing to Stream so support specialist helped me with that (Can not subscribe to Stream). Now I have almost the same problem with changing Stream subscription. I already submitted new support ticket #2304328 but I still didn’t receive any valid solution to my problem. My ticket been bouncing through different departments for more than 4 days now and I am running out of Stream storage, can somebody please take a look at this?

Try editing this post to change the category to General → Billing. That department usually checks on open tickets posted in that category.

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Hi @antokas,

I see that our team has already replied to you and is looking into your account. I double-checked, and you have the Images-Stream bundled plan, which is why you would not be able to order a redundant Stream subscription since the images-Stream bundled is an account level subscription.

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Hi, thanks for your answer but I still need to increase my Stream storage. What are the options? Can you “un-bundle” the subscriptions? I can cancel my Images subscription I’m not using it a the moment.


You should be able to edit your stream in the stream tab in your dashboard.

Thanks for your reply but it does not provide a solution to my problem - I get an error 1206 while trying to add more storage to my Stream subscription. You said it is bundled with Images that’s why I can not add more storage. Can you please explain step-by-step what should I do to add more storage?