Error 1110 trying to add my domain during set up

I have a domain that I use for email only. My previous dns host provider has shutdown and so the domain name is no longer resolving to an IP address. I have signed up with Cloudflare to use the DNS hosting service but the set up process is failing when I attempt the “add site” step as it gets an error 1110 when trying to check existing DNS records for the domain (as the previous host is no longer running?).

I’ve logged a support ticket but as I am a “free” client I think I may be waiting a while for them to get to the issue and meanwhile my main mailbox is not able to be found by people trying to contact me. Is there anything I can do at my end to work around the issue or do I need intervention by a human type person within Cloudflare?

That seems more like a domain than a hosting issue. Whats the domain? is my domain that I only use for my email (google mail). The old dns host provider shut down, so it doesn’t resolve to an IP address at the moment. Am trying to set up within Cloudflare to allow me to have some working nameservers I can add to my domain registar record.

Hope that makes sense.

Adding website: Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information would suggest you should add the nameservers first, but that might be tricky if you cant get them in the first place.

The domain itself seems to be registered properly, the only thing I noticed is, it does not list anything under registrar and last modified, but that could be okay for the .au registry.

I’d probably open a support ticket at this point. You can reach them at support[at]

Thanks I raised a support ticket before I started this thread, but as I am not a paying customer, I thought it might take some time for my ticket to make it to top of the queue.

I think I have to add the domain here to get a new ip address and then I can update my registrar with the Cloudflare nameserver details. But I can’t add domain - see original error details. Perhaps I am missing something obvious.

in checking my domain with whois, I had to use
registrar details are Registrar Name: Domain Name Registrar (Australia) Pty Ltd trading as Domain Registration Services
MOdify date is >>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2018-09-19T06:37:51Z <<<

also current (Nonfunctional) nameservers are

That is what my previous comment was referring to.

Maybe @cs-cf or @cloonan can also shed some light on it.

Hi @pettmans, no, I don’t think you are missing anything obvious. The 1110 error happens when the system cannot verify the domain. I know you mentioned you’d used the domain for email and that the hosting provider shut down. Any other recent registrar changes to the domain? I researched trouble shooting steps on this error and general suggestion is to wait a couple of hours and try again.

Thanks Cloonan,

Based on that I’ve tried again this morning but with no change in outcome. No other registrar changes that I know of.

I guess I’ll just have to wait to see what Support come back with.

Waiting is the suggestion, but if there is no nameserver to check, I suspect it won’t help. I put a link to this thread on the ticket so support has the background. edit -> Can your domain registrar set up nameservers for Cloudflare to check?

I can certainly ask them. Thanks for the suggestion.

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