Error 1105 Temporarily unavailable since Server Migration

I have the problem since yesterday that I get an error 1105, in the afternoon I moved to a new server with Rsync. Unfortunately, I still get an error 1105 in my forum for certain actions, as an example in the search in the forum. My system administrator cannot reproduce the error because the request does not arrive at the Origin Server.[]

At the moment the complete Forum is down and every request is a Error 1105.

In the CF DNS Settings now i try to “DNS only” the grey Cloud for every DNS Record, but this doesn’t work.

Domain :

If switching everything to :grey: doesn’t fix it, then there’s a DNS or a host configuration issue. Most likely DNS:

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No, everything is switched to “grey” DNS only and the complete Site is down.
I hope i will get feedback soon - i only migrate to a new Server and updated the IP.

This make Bug fixing not easy, if i get no Feedback i have to change the complete Nameservers and work without CF.

If everything is :grey: and it works switching your nameservers back then your DNS entries at Cloudflare are incorrect as @sdayman stated. When a record is :grey: all Cloudflare is doing is DNS, the traffic goes direct to the origin. If the origin works fine with other nameservers then DNS is the only other possble cause that does not involve :alien:


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