Error 1105 switching to new server

I moved my site to a new server and now I get a Error 1105.

Please help.

1105 is an unusual error and might indicate an actual issue on Cloudflare’s side. I’d open a support ticket.


Sandro - Get sucked in to an endless loop links with no support ticket.

Hi @robotsfightingmonkey. I’d check the DNS or your origin server, some other suggestions in this 1105 tip,

Next, I’d see if your host is seeing 503 errors in your logs that we’re passing as a 1105. And, follow step 4 to bypass Cloudflare to see if you can replicate the issue.

If you open a ticket, please share the number here as I’d like to keep an eye on it.

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Thank you. I see the ticket. Can you try to orange cloud the A record called gives the 1105, does not.

I just oranged clouded the A record

Thank you, can you :grey: the CNAME record called www by clicking the :orange:?

It was host error, not Cloudflare. Add the www and the site is working. Thank you for your help

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Thank you! I’ll let the team know…(and really sorry about the reply from “left field” that we sent you!)

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