Error 1104 "Script not found", "What happened?"


Alright I was just asking because a partner might influence that possibly.

Yep, support is IMHO the only one who can shed light here (apart from the big Cs :slight_smile: ). The only thing that still puzzles me is you mentioning the site throws the error when its paused, that should not happen for sure, as it should be DNS-only at that point.


Thanks, I will have another go at putting it back on later and do some trial and error with the settings.

I appreciate all the suggestions. At least I know its not a simple thing that I missed :slight_smile:


Hi @cf11, yes, this is a rare one. Looking around I can find very little. Please let us know your ticket number to keep tabs on this. Two instances of past 1104s, both related to a defect that caused routes that did not have a script assigned to pin to an empty workers script.


Sorry I disappeared, I got caught in the 23h noob trap


Oh, that sounds quite technical. It that something I can fix from here?

The ticket:
Your request (#1619056) has been submitted and a Technical Support Engineer will be contacting you shortly.


The solution provided by support was

Hi there,
We made some changes on our end. Can you recheck to see if you are still having issues?

This has allowed the site back on to CF without error.

I previously stated that the error was visible while CF was paused, this proved incorrect and seems to be due to me being impatient and having pages cached :crazy_face:


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