Error 1104 "Script not found" on a pre-existing Worker

So I’ve got this worker that I’ve been working on in the dashboard, and all of a sudden all testing calls start returning "Error 1104 “Script not found” . I commented out all code except for a console.log and 200 Response. and it still does the same thing!

And then… I closed it, went back to the dashboard, and re-opened it - only to find that the code was all uncommented! Meaning that it when I cllicked “save and deploy” and it said it saved and deployed… it didn’t.

How can I proceed and fix this?

Just reloaded it again (changing nothing) and now it says “Error 1031 - Invalid Workers Preview configuration”

Is that an improvement? At least it now exists again :slight_smile:

It quickly went back to Error 1104 (also all by itself). I created a new Worker and copied the code etc across - all is fine with that one, so I’ll just keep going with it.

Be good to know if this is an avoidable issue though…

Ok, no scrap that… the same error is back on the new script…

Are you using Queues? If so, they don’t work in Remote Dev (either wrangler --remote or Quick Edit), only in local dev and prod

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So I re-commented out everything such that now the Worker is now only:

export default { async fetch(request, env, ctx) { console.log('line 9') return new Response('true', { status: 200 }) } }

I am using queues, but I am getting this error simply by loading it in the dashboard and running HTTP.

Yea, just having one bound to the worker will do that, they just don’t work in remote dev at all.

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I’ll try un-binding the queue and come back here… I think this error did seem to start up soon after binding a queue to the worker in the dashboard.

Yep, unbinding the queue in the Settings → Variables section fixes it… but I need the queue binding!

Is there any known workaround for this?

Sadly, not with remote dev/quick edit at the moment. You can use local dev with wrangler (now the default with Wrangler 3.x) and/or wrangler environments to have a staging and prod workers/separation and test on live workers. But they’re not going to work with Dashboard Quick Edit either way.

I’ve had so many issues using Wrangler that I don’t feel confident to deploy a production app using it without a final testing via the dashboard anyway.

Thanks for your help, I think I’ll find a way of getting my solution in place without using queues, a service binding will also work for my use case, or as a last resort R2 + a cron trigger as a “virtual queue” will work too. So I’ll just use that instead.

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