Error 1102 Worker exceeded resource limits

Hi all, I’m seeing this error repeatedly on one of my pages:

Error 1102 Ray ID: 87260264faa87332 • 2024-04-10 22:00:23 UTC
Worker exceeded resource limits

The page is built using an API call that returns a large amount of data (about 1.5MB of JSON), so I needed to increase largePageDataBytes for local dev in Next JS.

I’m not sure what is causing it and I do not have any Zaraz tools or Workers as described in other posts. Any ideas?

If you’re doing the API handling server side on next.js that’s using a Worker (Pages Function). Exceeded resources means you’re exceeding either CPU or memory usage. Depending what you’re doing with the Function, you could definitely exceed CPU on the free plan.

Thanks for the quick response! The API is hosted on a server outside of Cloudflare - not a worker. Apologies, should have made that clearer in my original post.

I am however using image transformations - wondering if that could the the worker it is referring to? Although the images lazy load on scroll, so it shouldn’t be hammering the image transformations on load.

So are you trying to call to this API locally in the users browser or server side? It seems like server side to me and that is where the Worker would be

Oh I understand what you mean now - yes it will be serverside. I’ll look into how to reduce this load then. Thanks!

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