Error 1102 - Worker exceeded resource limits

Hi we are using cloudflare workers and we get Error 1102 - Worker exceeded resource limits. i have activated real-time logs from the dashboard . Every get request status is OK.
How can we solve this error ?

And also we have metrics like
10.46K requests, 246 GB-sec Execution duration , 1.7ms Median CPU time 0 Errors

ok i think it is an cloudflare related issue. we have checked cloudflare status page and europe region has some re-route issue. :smiley:

Rerouting never causes issues/outages, only increased latency. There was an issue in Lisbon, but it started ~3 hours ago and ended ~2 hours ago, and it was network performance issues, don’t think that could cause this error.

Your issue sounds unrelated to it eitherway. Your client is getting 1102 - Worker Exceeded Resource Limits, but the worker itself shows no errors in logs, and none in the metrics themselves? All of the requests in that screenshot look to be static resource requests. I would be curious to as where you are getting the errors from if not worker metrics/logs.