Error 1101 when calling worker from Node build script?

Happy new year everyone,

I have an issue where my worker works perfectly fine when I call it from my browser, but returns a 1101 when called from a Node build script during deployment.

Is there a security feature that prevents these type of Cloudflare-to-Cloudflare calls? I have come across this post. However, I am getting 1101, not 1042.

To make sure the issue isn’t related to anything else, I have created a hello world worker and I am using node-fetch to call it from a Node.js build script.

If this isn’t allowed for security reasons, would I have to use an external proxy hosted somewhere outside of Cloudflare to make calls between Cloudflare workers?

Thank you in advance for any hints!

What is your goal? A 1101 error means that the worker you made the request to through an uncaught error. If it is your worker, then I would check the logs to see what caused the error. If you want to call a worker from a worker then check out service bindings

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@Cyb3r-Jak3, thank you for your response! I wasn’t really able to check the logs with this setup because a Cloudflare Worker is called from a Cloudflare Pages build script during deployment (I used console.logs for the build script, of course, but for the Worker I wasn’t aware of any logging options). It works well now and makes the Wordpress part of the website super fast (the build script crawls Wordpress through a Worker (for HTMLRewriter) and deploys the modified pages statically). Thank you also for the service bindings hint. Unfortunately though, because it’s not Worker to Worker, I believe it can’t be used here.

Ah that’s a non-standard setup, and I’m guessing calling workers from a pages build is blocked with the same rules. Don’t know if that is going to be possible.