Error 1101 across all Pages and Workers on an abuse report for different domain

So, Gates foundation didn’t like one of our subdomains and instead of infringement report, they sent a PHISHING report. We have removed the associated Worker and Subdomain from our account and have asked for review through dashboard.

But, every Pages and Workers including all the other domains (not at all associated to the subdomain in complaint) on my account is returning Error 1101.

All Pages sites are connected to github repos and are not at all associated to the workers or the domain in complaint are having the same fate. Seems like a blanket ban as logs don’t show anything for any of those workers or pages. I tried to find this in community forums but failed to get any info specific to my case.

What do you suggest?

Hi @indianetsX,

This review usually takes some time from Cloudflare’s Abuse/Trust & Security Team to review.
Support also has no visibility on this review process.

They will contact you via email.

You could raise another abuse request, which will be from your perspective:

Thank you.

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