Error 10403 (Security Center)

Today I’ve noticed a new option “Investigate” under Security Center:

It’s also linked from the Security Overview:


The problem is that all queries fail with an “Access forbidden (Code 10403)”:


Any ideas why?

I just noticed it says you (and I) have 0 API requests remaining this month.

Thanks for checking. I’d say this is wrong then…

Worth raising a support ticket?

I’d say so. It’s broken for at least two of us. It may a new feature that’s supposed to be part of Cloudflare Radar 2.0. They do mention using the API in the blog post:

Post the ticket # here so we can ask whoever shows up for the next Community Shift.


Same thing here.

Sure: 2582278

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Provided HAR file to support. After investigation the issue was put on hold as a known defect that’s being worked on at the moment.

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