Error 1034

When I try to access ,it says Edge IP Restricted, and I don’t know what should i work on. It tells me try to visit the website in a few minutes, and it had happened about 2 days already.


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I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with 1034 Error.

Kindly, review the solution by following the instructions from the article below:

For more information, take a look on a recent topic related to this issue from below:

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but how am I going to change the DNS record?

If I understand correctly and you are seeing this error on Discord’s site, you will need to contact them about it.

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I’m having the same problem with the Edge IP restricted. I tried to change the A record from to the but nothing changed. Someone at Kajabi help told me I had to wait for 24 hours, is this correct?

if u wanna solve it fast u can reset your pc, my problem had been solved after i had reset my pc

I am having the same problem… My question…
In order to resolve this issue, you should replace the revelant DNS record and point it to an address you control. In the case a placeholder address is needed for “originless” setups, use the IPv6 reserved address 100:: or the IPv4 reserved address
What does “an address I control mean”? Is it or custom to my domain ( Where do I find this value? Any help would be appreciated. Have a nice day.

It has to be a “safe” address, so it doesn’t point to some place you don’t want it pointing to if it accidentally becomes unproxied.

The two examples are the best choice. You only need one of them:
100:: for IPv6 for IPv4

Thanks for the reply! I appreciate it.
I tried and now get this error: took too long to respond.


** Checking the connection*
** Checking the proxy and the firewall*
** [Running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors())*


I have my domain hosted on dreamhost and my site (a notion page) hosted thru Cloudflare. Is the the correct value for my use? I saw that that some mentioned it took time for the to take effect?

Thanks for anyhelp!

May I ask what error?
Is that hostname proxied and set to :orange: ?

  • try

Maybe it’s due to the web browser cache.
Kindly, try using another web browser, clear cache, or a private mode.
Wait for a few minutes to apply the change.


trying now…

host dame is dns only not set to

Same error on different browser:
The connection has timed out

An error occurred during a connection to

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

Set it to :orange: if you are using Workers or some similar configuration (like only Page Rules to redirect domain to another one).

And just in case, I would suggest you to add one more hostname, A www pointed to and proxied :orange: too.


Thank you! I am up and running! Have a great day.


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