Error 1034 Received When Attempting To Setup Cloudflare + Notion Site Based on This Tutorial

Hi. I’m running into an ERROR 1034 (Edge IP Restricted) message after following this tutorial (this a video version). Basically, what I am attempting is to create a Notion page (using and use it on a Custom Domain Name.

If anyone has any helpful guidance or advice, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks, in advance.

I read that posting, but I don’t understand what it’s saying. :frowning:

In particular, this section: In the case a placeholder address is needed for “originless” setups, use the IPv6 reserved address 100:: or the IPv4 reserved address 192.0.

If the current IP address is, does it mean I should replace it with or…? Would you be able to clarify, please?

Update: I edited IPv4 address to and saved changes. Although I am no longer getting the Error 1034 message, I am now receiving an Error 522 “Connection Timed Out”. :man_facepalming: :sob:

Final Update: Updating the IP address to resolved the 1034 error. Thank you AppleSlayer.

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:smile: :smile: You’re welcome!

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