Error 1034 for Hubspot hosted website (domain on Namecheap)

I’m getting a 1034 Error as follows:

I’m hosting my website on Hubspot
I have my domain on Namecheap
I’m using Namecheap DNS servers, and have created A records to point to Hubspot IP addresses

I was confused as to why Cloudflare was in the picture at all, but it sounds like Hubspot uses Cloudflare for SSL.

Can anyone please help me?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Here’s my DNS record setup on Namecheap
The first two A records are pointing to Hubspot
And I added the AAAA records in an attempt to solve the problem but don’t think it’s working

Would appreciate any help… way over my skis here!

Have you tried following the instructions given in the error message?

Your A records are pointing to a Cloudflare ip address. You should make sure to use your servers actual ip address there.

How do I find my servers actual IP address? Those IP addresses were the only ones provided to me via Hubspot

Hubspot has a detailed guide on how to add a custom domain, have you tried following it?
If so, are you certain these are the ip addresses you were asked to enter?

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