Error 1034 (complicated)

And your host confirmed all the addresses you have configured for your domain?

If so, that’s an issue with your host. Otherwise you need to adjust the IP addresses according to your host.

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Any way to solve this issue ?
I don’t know much about DNS area but I add for cloudflare and host’s A record.
(cloudflare is proxied)

Is this correct way for this issue ?

Thank you

Please don’t open more than one thread on the same issue. The issue here we discussed at length and you know what to do.

Actually, the mentioned issue even seems to have been fixed and you got a different error now. I would recommend to use the search for that error, respectively you can open a separate thread on that new issue if you cannot fix it.

Well, it was already working, but you obviously reset everything back to the wrong configuration. Sorry, but I am not sure the communiy can help here. I would advise to get a consultant to fix that for you.

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