Error 1034 (complicated)

Error 1034 is happened (only 4G networking tho) and I tried some solutions as previous tickets said but it didn’t work so far.

Already checked

  • add A / @ / 190.2.0 / proxied
  • add AAAA / @ / 100:: / proxied
  • SSL option is set as “Strict SSL”
  • checking with private tab

Situation details

  • when I set 190.2.0 → 4G connection was solved but wi-fi or 5G connection got error 1034
  • add 100:: → every connections got error 1034

Mine is kinda weird but all I can do is just wait until DNS changing reflected ?
(It seems changed already from my Situation details result tho…)

If someone have any ideas to solve this issue, really appreciate it ;;;

The error is because of the IP addresses you configured and should always occur, regardless of where your client is connecting from.

You can only use the addresses if you need dummy entries and use something like page rules. Is that the case? If not, you need to configure the actual server address, contact your host for details.

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Which IP addresses do you mean ? Previous set IP address which are excepting or 100:: ?

Sorry I could not understand the you meant. Is there any sample case that helps me to understand ?

So far, this is not a DNS response time issue, still this is not solved the critical point, am I right ?

Why did you set those IP addresses?

As the official document said

and most of the case should be solved as previous cases done

this does not allow me to send the link but you can Google like
“Error 1034 cloudflare” and the github page will be the one

That does not answer why you set those addresses. You need to configure those provided by your host.

do you mean the server which my site using ?

Yes. I suggest you pause Cloudflare and contact your host to clarify which IP addresses you need. Then configure them on Cloudflare and make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS. If it doesn’t contact your host again.

Once it does load on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare.

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Thank you for your advise, one question.

I just check IP addresses in my server setting page and I only set IPv4,
but should I set IPv6 as well in this case ?

If you have IPv6 addresses you can certainly configure them as well, but you really need to clarify this with your host, as only they can tell you which entries are necessary.

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Wait, as you said my host IP address setting was the issue it seems.

I just delete the or 100:: records from Cloudflare DNS settings
and add to my host and now every connections work fine.

Let me check for hours whether it completely fixed or not,
but thank you so much for your help so far Sandro ;;

No worries, though I did not suggest that there was an issue with your host but rather that you need to clarify the addresses with your host.

Again, follow Error 1034 (complicated) - #11 by sandro.

Hi let me make it sure, the IP address which I need to confirm with my host is my server IP address, is that correct ?

Actually, 4G got the Error 1034 again …

Yes, that is correct, you essentiall need to make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS when Cloudflare is paused.

Error 1034 (complicated) - #11 by sandro has all you need to do.

All I need check those right ?

  • the website loads fine on HTTPS when Cloudflare is paused
  • ask my host the server IP address
  • add IP address I asked to Cloudflare DNS record
  • unpause Cloudflare

All done(chekced) but still 4G connection has problem …

  • Pause Cloudflare
  • Post the domain here

You wrote

and it does not seem to load fine. So we are back to Error 1034 (complicated) - #11 by sandro. Sorry, but we are going in circles here and you only need to follow the steps we already discussed yesterday.

make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS

Sorry I thought this meant loading is completed on HTTPS my bad.

So now my question will be this, how can I my site loads fine (without error message) when the site paused ?

  • asked my host to confirm my server IP address
  • add or check IP address that I asked is set on the server side & cloudflare

↑did I missing something ?
Thank you