Error 1033, 7ff600f57b9e0e75

Hello, i use cloudflare as Cloudflare Tunnel to enter from internet in my Home assistant. From this morning i can’t do any more, with this errore. Is there any one can help me?

The site it is

What i have to do?

Is the tunnel still running? What debug steps have you taken to test/verify the issue? Have you tried restarting things? Did you run through the steps linked in the previous reply?

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No, i’m tryng to do somethink but i don’t know what because i never used it, Just the time when i set it

How i can check if the Cloud is running?

I can only really recommend you read through the getting started guides for Cloudflare Tunnel:

If you are managing Cloudflare Tunnels for your setup, you need to have some understanding of how to start/stop/debug them when issues occur.

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Yes, but i don’t have such understanding, that’s why i’m askying to the forum.

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