Error 1027 when I load my worker, but I don't see how it has exceeded the 100,000 request limit

Hello, when I tried to load up one of my workers, I get the following error

However, I don’t see an email from Cloudflare saying I exceeded my worker limits (at least from today)

And my dashboard says that I’m still under the 100,000 request limit (by about 36,000 requests, rounded off to the nearest thousand).


Does anyone else get the same error when they visit or is it just me?

Strange, I’ve just deleted a created CRON trigger that I must have accidentally created and it goes through successfully!

So this is very, very, very weird!

Update: 3 hours later and still no email from Cloudflare (or reply from the community)

I believe one of these things maybe the cause

  1. Cloudflare never decided to email me (and my worker HAS indeed exceeded the 100,000 daily requests)
  2. My worker HASN’T exceeded the 100,000 request limit
  3. Cloudflare has some sort of issue or outage (that is causing an increase in 1027 errors)

If it isn’t one of those 3 things then what is causing this!? I’m very, very, VERY confused and want to know what’s causing this!