Error 1027 on Professional-tier Website. Support is nonresponsive

Hi there,

I work developing the website RTM. For some reason we have en Error 1027, despite having upgraded to Pro tier when we received a high number of requests coming into another site on the space.

Unfortunately we did reach our request limit by the time we removed this other site from Cloudflare and brought it down for maintenance. That’s when I upgraded to a Pro subscription on RTM.

Our Cloudflare support ticket was answered once. The main and only site now under the Cloudflare account,, resumed operating briefly, but shortly after I started receiving emails about reaching the request limit again and the Error 1027 returned. This was despite having only 30 requests since the support ticket reply and Pro plan purchase.

Support said the account needed to be Pro and was set to Free. I asked for more info but have gotten no further reply. Since I’ve disconnected the site from Cloudflare as we were being substantially hindered by the issue.

Any help is vastly appreciated!

1027 is a Workers related error and is unrelated to your zones plan (i.e Professional)

Workers limits are separate and if you want more than the 100,000 a day on the free plan, it’s a standalone Workers Paid plan.

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