Error 1027 broke entire Wordpress site, says I need to upgrade plan on “Cloudflare Workers,” I didn’t even know I was using Workers at all

I’ve done some research and it looks like “Cloudflare Workers” is a resource to help coders do fancy things on the back end. This is all news to me–I don’t know anything about coding (I use plugins for that) I just signed up for CloudFlare for the CDN benefits of speeding up my site’s load time.

QUESTION #1: Why is Cloudflare Workers on my site? Was it added automatically because Workers were needed somewhere and I didn’t know?

QUESTION #2: How do I proceed here? The entire site is broken, won’t even let me login to my Wordpress dashboard

If you need the numbers that I blocked off in my photos, let me know. Just being wary of having my ID#s on the internet.

I believe this is from SiteGround, are you using them? If so, you should bring this up with them.

They’re the ones adding this Worker and it hit the free plan limit. It’s something they would need to resolve.