Error 1025 - Please check back later

I just started experiments with workers and I am getting this error. I just have about 1k worker executions (well below what free plan allows). As per debugging tips, since it is not 1102 error, it should not be because of CPU time.

I just wonder what it is and how to get it resolved. Do I really need to update my subscription as indicated in the message?

You are above the rate limit for free executions. That is 1000 reqs/10 minutes.

It should be a 1015 though, but the message seems to confirm my theory.


Whats the req/sec limit for paid users @matteo? :slight_smile:

Hello Matteo,

The error was not 1015 as indicated in docs. I don’t think I crossed 1000 requests in 10 minutes, maybe in about an hour but definitely not in 10 minutes.

Very true @jai I think the Cloudflare errors need to be more specific than just “Please check back later”. I’m surprised Cloudflare would even allow this sort of generic error message to be shown. Atleast show “Request limit reached” or something haha!

I agree @dmitry. Nowhere in their docs, they mention error 1025 and their support says I might have hit some limit with no definitive answer on exactly what limit I hit.

Now I am clueless.

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Under “What happened?” there is a clear “This site has been temporarily rate limited”.

What is strange to me is error 1025 and not 1015.

The limit is written in the link I provided above: 1000reqs/10 minutes, 100k/day.

Support confirmed that 1025 error code is for free tier Workers where account hits 1,000 requests/ 10 minutes and that they will get doc updated. Thank @matteo @dmitry


I saw 1015 before, most liked moved to 1025 to separate the error from the actual rate limiting.