Error 1020

Hello, I wanted to download audacity from but I can’t access it its giving me the error 1020 everytime.

I asked some peoples to see if the site was working for them and apparently it’s just me.

its weird because i tested on multiple PCs and on my phone in 4G and people with the same Internet provider have no problem.

What should i do ?

You’d need to contact the owner of the website.

on their website they are saying that i need to post on their forum but i cant even access it … because i get the same error

Audacity must have blocked your IP for some reason, or your IP reputation is extremely low.

This is a similar issue (but for captcha instead of a full block) - the site admin is explaining that it’s due to IP reputation.

Then why am i also blocked over 4G ?

Is there a way to restore my « reputation » ?

My ip change when i restart the rooter , will it help ? Or a VPN ?

Its the first time i see something like this.

Maybe they blocked a whole Class C Network or country for some reason. Or just one IP which jas been used by a bad user before.
This is nothing the community can’t help with, because this is a security thing set up by the site owner.
You need to contact them directly. Somehow.

Try it, what could go wrong?

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