Error 1020 when opening new app download for Counter Social

I am trying to figure out how I would send a screen shot the Counter Social of their message which blocked me from using the app, as was suggested by Cloudflare as a follow up inquiry. I don’t know why I am blocked. I want to jump the Twitter ship.

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1020 indicates one of the customer’s firewall rules blocked your request - Cloudflare can’t help you in this case, only the site owner can give you any more information or amend their rules to allow your traffic.

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i don’t know what is happening with Cloudflare 20$ plan , he’s blocking legit traffic for no reason i got so many reports today that people get blocked for no reason

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All blocks done by the WAF are logged in - that will tell you why they were blocked and then you can make your own decisions on if you want to remove or alter those rulesets.

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bro i have checked it’s says bot fighter mode , i disable it for now i myself get looked out of my website getting you’re blocked message
something wrong with it

it’s says bot fighter mode

(Super) Bot Fight Mode is very sensitive at spotting automated requests - and it’s very aggressive at blocking them.

Super Bot Fight Mode, on the paid plans like you mentioned, has a degree of customization.

If you have some of your own bots that you host which are being blocked, you can configure IP Access Rules to bypass it.

Cloudflare can provide you with the tools but it can’t make the decisions on how you want to use them - that’s entirely up to your risk tolerance and who (and what) needs to be able to access your website.

i say it’s blocking my visitors a real people with real browser :smiley:
and it blocked me as well i have using this mode since 5 months first time i had such problem so i think something wrong with bot fight mode

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