Error 1020 on

Ok, when attempting to access I get an error looking something like this…

Is it just me or are other people getting this error as well? Also, what causes this error? Also what is the Ray ID and what does it mean?

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Alright, I’ll check those out see if they help! Ok not the first one since I could go to the 1xxx troubleshooting page and see it there!

Ok so the Ray ID is like numbers and letters when someone visits your site (A bit like an IP)? Also, can you block someone via their Ray ID?

A Ray ID is a unique Identifier for every Request on the Cloudflare Network. This ID helps Website Owners to find your Request in their Logs. When a Website blocked you, you can give them the RayID and the Website Owner can filter the Logs after this ID and get the exact Request and can look in the Details for this Request why it was blocked. The ID doesnt have any private Information in it and is different for every Request

So yes? You CAN block someone on their Ray ID?

No you cannot. Like i already said the ID is different for every Request. So you cant block it.

Ah ok, but why am I getting the error 1020?

Technically you can block based on it :wink: the question is why would you want to.

As for the error, I believe @cscharff’s answer should cover that.

What do you mean?

Exactly what I wrote, without the typo :wink:

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Is it a violated firewall rule causing the error?

Error 1020 is the Error you get when you are violating a Firewall Rule yes ^^

So, how do I know which one? Which one may I have violated?

That can only the Website Owner tell you. The Website Owner can look in his Firewall Logs to see which Rule triggert the Block

Alright, thanks I also have 2 other topics.

Those have no replies

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