Error 1020 message

Hey there, sdayman. I stumbled across this community because I have been having trouble accessing an association website for the last couple of months. I’ve cleared cookies, updated my laptop, tried different browsers (Chrome, Edge, etc) and on my Android phone. I even had my partner try on his computer and he got the same error message ( an Error 1020 message). I’ve asked the the association (a client of mine) and they say they have not had any reports of similar problems, so it has to be something on my end. I saw that someone had posted a similar message and you suggested “On your phone device, can you turn off WiFi and see if it works over your cellular connection?” Well, I did that and guess what? The website popped up! When I went back onto WiFi, Error 1020 message. I am a complete computer novice (if you can’t tell by now), so how (in layman’s language) do I fix this? Thanks in advance -

Not sdayman, but oh well.

Check this out; let us know if it’s of any help.


Hi jnparamo and thanks for commenting. I do not own the site, it is an association site. So I cannot go in and fix their Firewall rule. I’m trying to figure out if there’s something I can do on my end as a non-owner.

It’s unlikely that there is much you can do unless you have an odd browser addon or something else that could compromise the way your connection behaves and thus trigger the firewall.

There is always a tiny game where people blame others until the root of the issue gets found; I advise reaching out to the website owner to dig in further.

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