Error 1020 for VPN users

When accessing some sites (e.g. while connected to my VPN first I get the Captcha images to select twice, which I do correctly, but then I get the Error 1020 Ray ID: 6cf96806cfc4e6b0 • 2022-01-18 17:05:07 UTC ## Access denied.

Without VPN I can access the site normally. This happens independently of the browser (Edge, Chrome, Safari) or operating system (Win 10, Win 11, iOS, MacOS).

I have contacted the site Admin but got no response. Is there something I can do at my end to overcome this? Switching the VPN off is, for my own good reasons, not an option for me.

The same thing happens to me. It looks like they’ve misconfigured their firewall rules. It’s possible they enabled Under Attack Mode and a Firewall Rule to block certain traffic.

Unfortunately, Cloudflare can not make any changes to a customer’s firewall. You’ll have to find another way to let the site admins know.

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Error 1020: Access denied

Follow the post below for more help

Community Tip - Fixing Error 1020 Access Denied

Thanks a lot. I understand there is nothing I can do besides informing the site owner.

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