Error 1020 for Oregon Trail

We have a school site that uses for the students to play “Oregon Trail” but the Couldflare security believes the site is under a DDOS attack. Classic Reload hosts a lot of old DOS games that schools like to use for their students.
Is this something that can be adjusted by Clouldflare to allow more users to connect to a game?
Currently the only game being blocked that I am aware of is Oregon Trail. The site hosts over 6000 games so there could be more?

Thank you

I believe the site was recently mentioned in a popular Reddit thread. It’s not that Cloudflare believes the site is under DDoS attack, it is that the site owner has taken steps to block visitors for %reasons%. So you’d need to contact the site owner if they are blocking you specifically and intentionally, as they’ve configured the service.

It appears that “classic reload” uses Cloudflare firewall/security, not myself. I was just searching and informing of the current status when trying to access Oregon Trail. Thanks

Thank you, they may not expect elementary schools to be using their site for games possibly, so when one of their games gets hit by the same IP address by entire classrooms, it throws the error and shuts it down. However, it shuts it down for everyone, not just the IP of the school but any IP.

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