Error 1020 by Cloudflare

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I’m not sure if this is the correct category and I apologise I’m new here.
So I’ve been using this torrent site for ages. I just came back from my 2 weeks holiday and tried to get to the website but it showed me the error on the picture. I’ve never had this before and I was wondering if someone can explain/help me get rid of it.
I followed the link with the name on the down right corner and when I clicked on it it showed me what is on the other picture saying it’s not my fault.
I know it’s not my fault but I wonder who’s fault it is that I can’t enter one of my favourite websites?

I’m not much into computers and I’ll appreciate your help with this.



It didn’t upload the second picture so here you go

Hi @2ndemention, sorry about the issues and understood on the posting. (BTW, the error certainly does seem like an “Access” issue, I’ll drop it in the right place! Thank you)

I’ll also adjust this tip as well to make sure folks know the 1020 is about accessing a site using Cloudflare, not Cloudflare Access, Community Tip - Fixing Error 1020 Access Denied. You’re breaking a firewall rule when you hit that site.

As you’re a visitor, you’ll need to contact the site owner to find out what they changed in their access rules while you were away.

Dear cloonan

Thank you for your swift response!

I did look around and found out the topic regarding error 1020 and the nature of it and I do

understand what you are saying, but since I don’t have access to the website would you suggest a way to reach out to them?

Sorry for the ridiculous questions…

Best regards,


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