Error 1020 access denied to login page

Okay - new to the community. I setup the firewall rule to block login page: (http.request.uri.path contains “/wp-login.php”). Firewall rules to protect wp-login page (in wordpress site) denies me access to page, error 1020.

I whitelisted ip4 and ipv6. The problem is ipv6 keeps changing on cloudflare error page so that I get 1020 errors for new ipv6.


I don’t really understand this part. Do you mean your own IPv6 address keeps changing? Then IPv6 whitelisting doesn’t seem to be a good solution.

I would suggest you to use Cloudflare Access instead to protect any sensitive URLs.

Eric thanks for your help. Yes I am referring to the ipv6 that’s picked up on 1020 error page. It’s not my permanent ipv6. Seems to be generated by chrome.

But if I whitelist it the error page will temporarily disappear.

Yes definitely, but also not a good long-term solution.

So Cloudflare Access is still a better alternative. You can sign up to Cloudflare for Teams for free (up to 50 users) to get Cloudflare Access.

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Okay I will take a look.

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