Error 1020 - Access denied - Open Sea

Dear Cloudfare Community,
Since March 2022, almost 3 months, Im experiencing problems opening - It says: Access denied Error 1020 - I live in Germany and my country is not on the blocking list. Also I have deleted cookies and caches many times but nothing helps. What can I do?
Thanks for your support. Kind regards, Tina

Do you run the website?

If so, you’ll see which rule blocked the request in

If not, only the site owner can tell you what blocked you or amend their rules.

Thanks for your prompt reply, I immediately tried to add the website but got this answer:
Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not

It didnt accept the webpage, and is not a subdomain

Thanks again for helping out!

You would need to contact the website owner to have them help you determine why you are being blocked.

It is though. www. is a subdomain.

But if you don’t own this website then you’d never be able to add it, so you need to answer that question first.

ok thanks, Ill try to contact the site directly then… through my iphone…

thanks again for your help but I dont get it what you mean by saying I need to answer that question first…? I dont own the website, its a NFT open market website and I have no clue who the owners are but I will try to connect and find a customer service through my phone, cause with my iphone I can connect and log in…

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