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We are receiving sporadic reports of an Error 1018 occurring when requesting our website root. I can find no information on this specific error code on Cloudflare support. The closest I can find is the following entry on Error 1016 dated Dec 2018

We’ve made no recent changes to our configuration which was working normally prior to these sporadic reports.

I also noticed that is indicating traffic through the Ashburn, VA datacenter (IAD) is currently being rerouted. Would this account for random 1018 error returned to browsers? If so, where would those analytics be located so we can ascertain the number of errors that have occured?

I can provide a screenshot with specific Ray Id information and UTC timestamp of at least one instance, if needed.


Hi @gculler, the 1018 error is displayed when a request reaches a Cloudflare data center and the configuration for your domain cannot be applied - for example, Page Rules cannot be applied. If you’re still having issues, can you share the rayid and screenshot with the support team on a ticket? They’ll need to look at that to dig into the issue. Sorry your visitors are having issues.

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Done. Reference ticket 1626131 for screenshot of details.


Keith K


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