Error 1017

I’m facing this odd error 1017 , i have 2fa with authenticator activated on my account which i cannot access anymore , even though i enter the correct code i’m still recieving the same error over and over again, right now i’m locked out of my account , i tried recovery it was no help even though i entered the otp sent to my mail, it says it cannot identify my system. What should I do?

Can you try incognito mode and/or a mobile device and see if you get the same error?

Are you using Authy for 2fa?

i’m actually using 2fa over google authenticator

I tried to signin from phone as well but no luck

@cloonan I have also tried signing in from another browser but still the same issue, I requested for a ticket in my locked account but the link sent to me by cloudflare redirects me to 2fa again. Please help

i mean i’m using google authenticator

Thank you and sorry for the issues, I’ll share a 2FA reset link that may help and a next step in case it does not.

This link may help, but it will only work when logged out, if you know the email and have 2FA issues:

Assuming the above does not work and if you keep getting the error, can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here?

You can open an Account ticket here,

@cloonan hello! have made a ticket for my original account my ticket id is #3249776. What is the further procedure i need to follow up to retrieve my original account? This is my temporary account as you know.

Hi @zaynk435,

I can see that the primary account has now been deleted on ticket: 3249776.

Please kindly create a new account with the same email address if needed.

Thank you.

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