Error 1016. Wrong domain register

Cloudflare is showing Enom as my register, but it’s Namecheap. My site has error 1016. I updated the nameservers and Namecheap support says there is nothing wrong on there site. Not sure what to do?

thank you

Namecheap used to be a reseller of Enom, so your domain most likely still is with Enom. What is your domain?

Hello Sandro


That domain actually does seem to be with Namecheap and not Enom any longer. Anyhow, right now you cant transfer it because its locked on Namecheap’s side. You’d need to remove that lock.

Hang on, do you want to transfer or just add the domain to Cloudflare?

The domain already appears to be on Cloudflare, however the DNS records seem to be wrong.

Do I transfer is back to Enom? Does namecheap support unlock it?

thank you


Add the domain to Cloudflare.

Thank you

The domain appears to already be on Cloudflare. Is it not in your account?

I had someone go into my account and fix the Cloudflare issue. Sorry for the confusion. Yes it’s in my account.

Thank you

So everything is set?

Yes everything works great. Thank you Sandro for your help.

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