Error 1016 site down for 18+ hrs desperate for customer service help


We use Kinsta as our WP host for
Kinsta started using Cloudflare and now our site has been down for 16+ hours with error 1016. We are apparently waiting for someone from Cloudflare to “remove a domain from the other/old integration.”
A Cloudfare ticket #2319378 was created yesterday and no one from customer service is responding to us or Kinsta.
We are a non-profit for NorCal foster kids and this is costing us thousands in donations for their holiday fund:( PLEASE HELP!
I can be reached directly at [email protected] or (510)759-1271.
We’re desperate for Cloudflare help!

How long has your site been on Kinsta?

A 1016 error generally means that the IP address you have in DNS is not the actual IP address of the origin server; instead, it’s an IP address belonging to Cloudflare.

If you go to the Overview tab for your domain at, try the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option in the lower right corner, then give it five minutes to take effect.

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Our site has been on Kinsta since about July 2020. We have been told that Cloudflare needs to “delete an old Cloudflare DNS zone that is still active and is conflicting with the new one set up by Kinsta.”

I’ll try your tip. Thank you.

If it’s been steady on Kinsta for over a year, I don’t know what could have changed to stop it from working…other than an accidental DNS record change.

How about taking a screenshot of all your DNS records and show that to Kinsta and ask them if it’s correct?

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Kinsta just implemented using Cloudflare and has verified the DNS records are correct. They and Cloudflare have confirmed that the old records need to be deleted. A Cloudflare rep said they would proceed in helping us once we verified the domain. Which we did. Cloudflare went dark after that with no customer service help. Even with an escalated request from Kinsta.

That would explain the sudden change. This will happen again if you move away from Kinsta and they don’t completely remove your domain’s Cloudflare integration. Which is what has to happen with whatever provider you had used before that does the same thing. If you can contact that provider to clear your Cloudflare settings, that might be faster.

Can you please post the ticket # from this communication? We can escalate it so they can reopen and resolve.

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Yes. Kinsta said this is the ticket #2319378


I can confirm that the TXT record shows up.

On that ticket number, as that’s with Kinsta, I can escalate it, but Cloudlfare won’t contact you about it. Did you open a ticket of your own?

And if that “Hi Kruthi” reply is from you, they’re going to ignore it if the ticket isn’t yours.

Yes. It’s actually the same ticket number for both Kinsta and our request.
Gabe Perea made the request for us.

That “Hi Kruthi” is from Gabe and he’s on the phone with me now.

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If Kinsta is using Cloudflare, they’re most likely an Enterprise customer with Live Chat and Phone Support from Cloudflare. They should be able to at least Live Chat and get someone to respond to the ticket.

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You would think. But we’ve been on chat support with Kinsta since 5am today and yesterday for several hours. They said they’ve tried multiple times to get Cloudflare support but they’re not getting a response.

Even in Live Chat? Sorry to say, but Live Chat isn’t showing up for me at the moment. I just get bouncing dots.

Regarding their response in the screenshot: As I said, whatever old provider you had that did this can also fix this issue.

Ah! The bouncing dots just went away and the Live Chat link showed up. Ask Kinsta if they can do that for you.

Hey, it’s Gabe.

Jen got hit with a 23 hour hold for posting so much. told us the issue needed to be resolved by Kinsta.
Bluehost, which according to Kinsta was the creator of the original cloudflare DNS zone, told us they can’t modify any DNS records since they don’t have either the domain or host.
Kinsta says Bluehost could fix this by deleting this but that they might not know how or that it would take a lot of escalation on their end.
Kinsta has tried reaching out to CloudFlare and hasn’t gotten a response.

That’s unfortunate. They should learn how to do that. It might even require that they add, then delete the domain somewhere in their system.

You should have a Live Chat option in your own Cloudflare dashboard. The Help icon in the lower right corner takes input, and offers Live Chat after that.

I’ve also added the ticket # to the escalation queue, but Support rarely checks the Community escalation queue on the weekends.

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Even if that was the case, Kinsta seems to be unable to delete the new zone as well but claims they can’t. I don’t understand why Bluehost should be able to do something Kinsta can’t.

Maybe it’s because we have the free accounts, but neither Jen or I see a help icon on the lower right hand corner of the dashboard. Mine just says to add a site.

This is incredibly frustrating. We can’t have the site down for 3 days during our busiest time of the year. We’re losing thousands of dollars of donations for foster kids, and all because we weren’t made aware that an old connection made from a previous host could cause this. This seems like something Kinsta could have checked when adding cloudflare to their hosting platform, or something Cloudflare could be checking before making new connections.

Thank you for trying to help.