Error 1016 (partner hosted zone provided by byehost)

I use your DNS service, that is partner hosted zone provided by byehost

My website’s DNS zone files belongs to Byethost. My website was up and down many times today. I haven’t made any changes. And this is the error messages:

Error 1016 Ray ID: 6b7fba5a0e862d01 • 2021-12-03 21:01:11 UTC Origin DNS error

In the Byethost Cloudflare manger, I simply choose cloudflare(please see the screenshot).

Can you please help me with this?


If byehost is hosting your DNS then you need to talk to them. An Origin DNS error means that Cloudflare could not connect with your origin server because there is no DNS record for it.

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I have the same issue, by the moment no answers :frowning:

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My site is up again, but from the monitoring tool I used, I received 21 emails for down and up notifications, which mean my sites has been down for 21 times, and up for 21 times. Please let me know what happens to you, in terms of the how Byethost fixed for you. They replied to me, however, no mention of fixing anything.

I mean if it is down for one time, it is Ok. But for 21 times in one day! And it is a DNS issue. I will find out more details. Please share yours as well. Because other subdomains works fine. It’s not a good impression for my website.

Here is their reply, well, I will get prepared.

There was a DNS issue on our servers we are under going maintenance and upgrades on this to ensure faster and better services, you may see some short issues again in the furture which will be minimized.

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