Error 1016 Origin DNS error


i cant solve this problem and my dns section in cloud flare

(DNS Records

Your DNS zone file is hosted by Byethost, a Cloudflare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the Byethost website )
so how can i solve it


You will probably need to contact Bytehost support for guidance. Any configuration changes would need to be made in your account there.


Facing the same issue here. I changed my DNS to the previous one but the problem still persists.

My hosting company says that it is because of "dns propagationstrong text

I’m still waiting.


That’s certainly interesting. It’s not using Cloudflare’s DNS servers. Is Webhostbox a Cloudflare partner?


I changed to the previous DNS that provided by HostGator but still shows Error 1016 Origin DNS error. Hope it will take sometimes for DNS Propogation.