Error 1016 - Origin DNS error!


Hi there,

I have added new domain to Cloudlare and, although, there should not be any downtime the site is actually down due to the Error 1016. I have changed the relevant DNS.

All worked fine with the first two sites I added a week or so ago. Followed exactly the same process this time and things aren’t working.

Please kindly advise.

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Here are some tips:


I did apply the relevant DNS changes. It worked well and swiftly before. What can be done here to resolve this?


What’s the domain/subdomain you’re trying to update?



Now I am getting Error 1010 Access denied!


I just noticed that a new SSL certificate pack has been issued for this site, but it remains down due to Error 1016!


I would greatly appreciate for your help.


OK, the site loads via my Wi-Fi with the old SSL certificate; however, it is not loading if I use my mobile network. Please kindly advise.


I’d recommend opening a ticket with support. The zone was previous set up through a partner, support can help check/ validate the new settings.


Thank you, all is fine now. Much appreciated for all support.

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