ERROR 1016 Origin DNS error [Help needed]

Not sure why this happened I think its my cache because for my friends it works just fine and they can load into the site ok. It won’t load for me and it hasn’t for about 20 minutes now I’m getting kind of worried and thinking restarting my router might help fix it I don’t know why it happened I was lurking around my forum and it just started poping up any help? No Its prob not anything with my DNS their all working right, its almost as if im IP banned from my own site.

I’m surprised it works for your friends. What’s the domain?

Right now, it’s not using Cloudflare’s name servers. When you get it back on Cloudflare, make sure your DNS entries are all set to :grey: and see if it still works that way. If that checks out, then switching it to :orange: should work. If it doesn’t, open a Support Ticket:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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