Error 1016 Origin DNS error after migrating site

I just migrated my site, and updated nameservers, and I’m getting 1016 when trying to access the site. In Cloudflare, my DNS panel has a CNAME and no A record and despite reading as many docs and topics here as I could (honestly), i still have no idea what any of this means or what I’m doing wrong. Can someone tell me what to do without assuming i’ve just graduated from Networking University? Sorry to be a dunce. I think i’m just not wired to understand stuff this complicated. Thank you to anyone who can help.

These records need to point to your origin server. It appears you may have been using a partner setup at one point where it was directing from a hosting provider to Cloudflare. You should contact that hosting provider to determine where your records should point and the type of record for the values they provide (A record or CNAME)

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Wait, I should contact my old host, not my new host? Wouldn’t I want to match the records with the current host? See I don’t understand this stuff. Thank you!

You should point to the records to the content where the website lives. If that’s a new host they should provide you those values and you should configure DNS to point to those values.

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Golly uh my host, who are incredibly unhelpful re: this matter, pointed me to a lot of records:

Do i actually need to add records for all of these? Thanks again

Well if you are using the DNS records? Yes. Perhaps they have an export function and you can use the advanced button to import? My host (Dreamhost) adds a lot of records I don’t plan to use (email, cpanel, etc) so I ignore / delete those as needed.

It becomes an exercise in efficient copy/ paste otherwise.


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