Error 1016 origi dns

please i need help i am having this error message and not way to contact my host

Error 1016 Ray ID: 50077e7c09f6c4ec • 2019-08-03 10:09:06 UTC

Origin DNS error

here is a picture of my dns here in Cloudflare

Precisely the article you would have found if you hadnt ignored (and removed) the default text which prompts to use the search.

Furthermore, you have a partner setup, so you have to contact your host. If you cant do that I’d strongly recommend to switch host.

meaning is there noting i can do cause my host is unable to be contacted, please tell me is there anything i can do please help me

You can check the DNS records on your host’s side, but again, that really is a question for your host.

Alternatively, you can disable Cloudflare on your host’s side and sign up for a full account on Cloudflare, where you’ll have more control.

please dont be offended i just check my record in my host and i just add the record i mark with red cause its was in the mail i received
(Server Information
Server Name: free2
Server IP: please help me and check if its right

These records are not even proxied, hence you shouldnt get a 1016 error.

It still does not resolve, however that seems to be an incorrect DNS configuration ->

Again, you need to contact your host.

i have send several message but not respond, make complain in the forum still no respond not to talk of solution, please let me know if there is noting i can do about?
cause i truly need help

As I said initially, in that case I’d switch host.

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