Error 1016 (on some ISPs)


since yesterday (over 12 hours ago), I get several reports of people who, when trying to load my website they get a 1016 Cloudflare error.

This only happens to certain people, and someone reported that from her phone, using wifi, she gets the error, then if she switches to mobile data, the website loads fine.

This leads me to think there is some kind of dns cache issue somewhere, but I cannot pinpoint the issue. The website has always loaded fine for me.

I just tested this and it seems there are some issues:

Do you know what I could try to fix this?

We use Siteground + Cloudflare paid plan



Just checked your site and it’s also showing "Error 1016: Origin DNS error.
By checking the output of dig command we have the bellow A record:


With an IP that belongs to

Thanks Rui,

the site loads for me (and it has always loaded), and I can see traffic in analytics, but several visitors report the same error too, so not sure why this happens, and if/how we can fix this :frowning:

I appreciate your time

You are on a partner setup, arent you?

The error you described generally is covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error: 530 / Error: 1016 Origin DNS Error, however it would usually indicate an issue with the load balancer or an incorrectly set up CNAME.

In your case neither should apply, as your www record is simply the typical CNAME pointing to the the usual address.

In my opinion there is a good chance your host has messed up something with the DNS records managed on their side, particularly with the IP address where aforementioned points to.

What you could try for starters is to disable Cloudflare altogether on your host’s side, wait a bit, and re-enable it again, to check whether that reset and fixed anything. If it didnt you should first contact your host and hopefully they can shed some light on it.

Now its working.

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