Error 1016 on root domain

I don’t understand anything!

www mysite com - work fine.
mysite com - not working

Everything is set up correctly.


A → mysite com → ip
A → www mysite com → ip

What’s happening?

Hi there!

Error 1016 / Error 530 indicates Cloudflare is unable to send requests to your server because its origin IP cannot resolve the A or CNAME.

Check also how to manage DNS records.

Take Care!

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I know how to add or remove A records. I have it set up correctly.

www mysite com - work fine
mysite com - error 1016

Why is that?

Such an error should not be with the correct configuration. Moreover, everything is very simple. How can I get tech support to deal with this issue? 100% problem on cloudflare side.

This sounds like your webserver is not configured to serve Was it working before using Cloudflare?

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Before using cloudflare and after disabling cloudflare everything works great! Everything is set up correctly.

Did you actually use that as the name for the A record in Cloudflare or did you use @?
Other than that, it would help to know your domain name to offer any help.

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@ and full name. If you disable caching of this entry, then everything works.

That is, the settings are correct.

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