Error 1016 on main domains, but subdomain working fine

Hi everyone,
I have a website with sub-domains. Last 2 days my website and emails stop from Cloudflare and asked to change DNS. I changed but start many problems.

  • All subdomains working but the main website not working ( Error 1016)
  • Also Emails not working
  • Cron jobs not working
    I have a dedicated server with dedicated IP’s. Each subdomain hosted in one Cpanel as well.

Please help me to solve this issue
2020-03-20 21_39_11-Window|324x500

Website Analysis:
I added screenshot of all DNS

You have a CNAME for www that points to, but (as the warning at the top of your DNS page says), you don’t have a DNS record for It should most likely be an “A” record like all the other entries.

Hi Sdayman,

Thanks for your fast support, Now website working but emails not working.
I attached the screenshot of DNS management.
Please let me know have to add other Mx for my emails as well.


Those email entries need to be set to :grey: (imap, mail, pop, smtp). Webmail can stay :orange:, as that’s HTTP/S traffic.

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