Error 1016 on domain with www prefix

We have recently added our domain - to cloudflare.
Everything was fine then but since yesterday, when I checked, the Domain is resolving without a www prefix but giving Error 1016 with www prefix.
We have already checked the troubleshoot ppage for this error & tried checking, deleting & re-adding the A Records & CNAME Records, but that did not make any difference.
We have also checked with Most of the servers show the correct IP Address for A Record & domain for the CNAME record.
But still unable to fix this issue.
Can somebody help us resolve this?

Loads fine for me and at

There is one issue though, you dont have a certificate on your server. You should configure one as you otherwise cant ever have a proper HTTPS connection.

Thanks for the quick response.
Yes, Sitemeer shows is showing the site is Up.
But, still, does not resolve & gives Error 1016 Origin DNS error, only resolves.

I have tried adding a SSL certificate from Cloudflare on the origin server but that made no difference. Also tried turning the SSL encryption OFF, but even that did nothing.

So basically, still stuck…

Alright the certificate appears to be in place. Now, make sure your encryption mode is not “Off” but “Full strict”.

Next, where does your “www” record on Cloudflare point to?

So, my DNS settings are managed by - My Hosting Provider, a Cloudflare partner.
DNS Settings have a CNAME record for www with as value. The DNSChecker utilities show them routing to the correct ip address, with the exception of 1-2 servers which do not seem to show a record.

Now I am also trying to put the Cloudflare security to a pause & also disabling the SSL certificate on the server, just to see if things work. But now it’s the chrome error screen - ’s server IP address could not be found.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records?

Right now the issue is not the proxying, but rather that you have an Origin certificate which only works in a proxied context. That wouldnt be an issue if you had proxying turned on, but that doesnt seem to work for some reason.

Leave the certificate in place, but turn on proxying. Then you receive that error? Typically that would suggest you point to a Cloudflare address instead, hence the question for the screenshot.

Attached is a screenshot with the main DNS entries in consideration.
Surprisingly, sub domains seem to be working fine, which have been configured via an A record.

Where would you enabled proxying here? Also, the naked domain’s IP address seems to have a leading space.

In general it might be maybe a good idea to switch to a full Cloudflare setup instead.

Oh no…not a space. Just alignment issues while getting the important rows to the top :grin:

Proxy - I’m not sure. Never done that on plesk. Give me some more idea & I’ll check that too & post a screen if that’s required

Cloudflare - Would love to switch it on again, but just getting confused sorting out this issue. Been switching between A & CNAME records, but it just doesnt seem to be working & I’m running out of options now…

Are you saying it has never been proxied? How would you have got the 1016 then?

I’d go through, that explains it all. The partner integration certainly is an option too, but often more error prone than a full setup.

Like I said, I setup Cloudflare via server option for Cloudflare Servershield few days ago. It seemed to be working fine back then.
But when I checked yesterday, it gave a 1016 when opening with www prefix. Without the prefix, it worked fine.
Have been trying to resolve the issue ever since.

Probably because it proxies all records and then your CNAME points to a proxied address. Maybe dont use a CNAME. This is something where your host needs to assist you, however I’d still recommend a proper setup.

Yeah…I too feel it’s something at the server end. Will switch to a full setup once this issue is resolved.

I dont think you will resolve this issue, especially not without your host.

If you plan to move, I’d do it now. Disable Cloudflare on your host’s side, go to the dashboard, add the domain, change the nameservers at your registrar, and you should be good to go (of course you might have to redo any configuration settings).

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