Error 1016 on CNAME


I am trying to change my www subdomain from an A record to a CNAME for a new hosting provider and am getting error 1016. The Cloudflare page describing this error says to make sure the destination record is resolvable, which I have checked from multiple points, and dnschecker, and it does resolve to an IP properly. I have also configured my internal DNS so that www is CNAMEd to the destination and it works fine.

Asides making sure the addresses are resolvable, what can I do with this? How can I debug to find what the actual problem is?

  • The current host is a Linux virtual machine on Google
  • The new host is Hubspot
  • The site itself is Wordpress
  • The site does redirect www to the root which is what we’re expecting to see happen (IE:/ visiting the new www should redirect to the old site but instead gives error 1016)
  • DNS is definitely resolvable

If you have an A record for www, delete it first, then add new CNAME record www.

Do you have any redirection at your host/origin? Or using any Cloudflare Page Rules to forward/redirect one to another?

Can you post a screenshot of your current DNS records at Cloudflare so we could firgure it out what you have?

Have you tried checking with the steps here:

The current records are as follows:

What I’ve been doing is changing the ‘www’ A record to ‘www-old’ and changing the ‘www-new’ CNAME record to ‘www’ and then testing from a few different places. From the public Internet through Cloudflare DNS this doesn’t work and gives the 1016 error.

The domain on my local LAN is manually configured and I have changed the ‘www’ subdomain to point to the Hubspot record which seems fine in that it’s issuing the redirect to the root which is handled by Cloufdlare. This was supposed to be a brief step 1 to migrating the website but as there’s something wrong we’ve had to stop at this point.

So the old site is giving the error but not the new site? What’s the link for both new and old site?

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